b256c3fa-c9f2-4499-80d5-022a66b4631f.jpeg I love glass. I love the colors, and the feel, the way light reflects off or pass through the glass .  I’ve been working with glass for about five years, and while I’ve learned a lot, there is so much more I would like to learn. Working with warm glass requires understanding how pieces of glass fuse together to become one piece, how the fused glass can be slumped to become a bowl or a plate, and how certain colors of glass can react to create a completely different look. Each project is an experiment in color, chemistry and physics, and I’m never quite sure what it will look like until I open the kiln.

I am a practicing lawyer, and a mostly self-taught glass artist. I haven’t taken any classes (yet), but I read, watch videos, and have learned a lot from my mistakes.  

I work from my home studio in Redding, a small town in southwestern Connecticut. This website has images of my work, which can be found at a number of small stores supporting local artists in Connecticut.  The “shop” link will bring you to my Square storefront.  I also work on commission and would be happy to talk to you about something special just for you. 

Thanks for visiting, Pam